Uber and Google, a Budding Rivalry

Anthony Levandowski is at the center of a major lawsuit from the Google affiliate, Waymo, against Uber. Before his recent demotion, his autonomous vehicle technology startup known as Otto, was acquired by Uber for $680 million. However, Waymo claims that Levandowski downloaded thousands of confidential files before leaving the company. Uber will probably fire the […]

Uber Threatens to Fire Chief Engineer

Uber has put out a statement calling for Anthony Levandowski, the engineer in charge of their autonomous vehicles program to acquiesce to the company’s demands or be terminated. Levandowski was at the center of the current Google scandal with Waymo, which alleges that he stole hundreds of files from the company before he jumped ship […]

Canadian Labor Regulations Changing the Field for Suppliers

Labor laws in Canada are undergoing some change, namely with regards to the minimum wage, union certification process, and how temporary workers are treated. The “Changing Workplace Review” is proposing that the minimum wage should increase to C$15 an hour (roughly $11 in the US), changing the voting process for union certification (total number of […]

True Car Creating Tension with Dealers

True Car has been at odds with many dealers for some time now. True car offers used car pricing information to customers by partnering with dealers who are willing to become “True Car Certified” in exchange for pricing information on their used car sales. They are in the market of offering customers reassurance that they […]

Expected Reduction of Ford’s Global Work Force by 10%

According to recent reports by people high up in Ford’s management Ford might be seeing a large reduction in worldwide workforce due to Ford’s CEO Mark Field’s renewed efforts to raise profits and try and bring up the company’s stock price that has recently been dropping. According to the reports Ford might try and slash […]

Highway to Automation

In today’s biggest automotive news, BMW announced a partnership with Detroit-based automotive supplier Delphi for their venture into automated vehicles. This BMW partnership has lofty aims of a level 4 an 5 autonomous vehicle. This news follows the March announcement of a BMW-Intel partnership for the same purposes. Intel also acquired autonomous technology leader Mobileye […]

Assembly Video – Ford China

Here is a really nice video that follows a vehicle through the assembly process. During our trip we didn’t see welding robots, and because they’re not metal parts we didn’t see e-coat in the paint shop of Continental Structural Plastics in Carey, OH. We did see the stamping of body panels, not shown in […]

Tesla is Changing the Infotainment Systems Game, But is it All For Nothing

Vehicle infotainment systems have been advancing at a rapid pace driven by the development of new technologies. Once composed of AM radios and cigarette lighters, infotainment systems now include voice controls, navigation, parking assistance, and much more. The infotainment technologies market is dominated by a select few auto suppliers, but Tesla is disrupting the supply […]

Airbags That Hurt More Than Help

Japanese automotive parts manufacturer Takata is currently involved in the largest automotive recall in history. The company has had defective airbags in vehicles since 2013, when several reported incidents following deployment received international attention. Executives released a statement on the issue, but they initially only thought six makes were involved in the recall. They later […]

Finnish Company Nokian Tyres Set To Expand

Finnish tire producer Nokian Tyres stated on Wednesday that they have plans to open a new plant in the United States located in Dayton, Tennessee. Construction is due to start in 2018 and production is expected to start in 2020 with an estimated capacity to produce 4 million tires a year. CEO Andrei Pantioukhov stated […]