Uber Threatens to Fire Chief Engineer

Uber has put out a statement calling for Anthony Levandowski, the engineer in charge of their autonomous vehicles program to acquiesce to the company’s demands or be terminated. Levandowski was at the center of the current Google scandal with Waymo, which alleges that he stole hundreds of files from the company before he jumped ship […]

Toyota Consolidates US Operations

Toyota has now completed a final expansion of its operation in the United States. It has just ended a $156 million process of improving its research and development engineering center in Michigan in preparation for gaining a larger hold on the market. This was the culmination of a three year plan to unify […]

China Moves to be a Production Leader


China has announced that it plans to become a global leader in automobile production within the next ten years. Currently, the country is the worlds largest consumer of vehicles and has the largest market for them, likely due to the its high rates of growths and enormous population. Despite this, China is still […]