Toyota Consolidates US Operations

Toyota has now completed a final expansion of its operation in the United States. It has just ended a $156 million process of improving its research and development engineering center in Michigan in preparation for gaining a larger hold on the market. This was the culmination of a three year plan to unify […]

Consumer Confidence is High, but has the Automotive Market Peaked?

As Trump’s first 100 Days ended and monthly numbers were reported there was an apparent disconnect in the automotive industry. Consumer and industry confidence are at their highest points in years, however, automotive sales were trending downward for the fourth consecutive month. The ramifications of this downward trend are especially harmful to jobs in […]

Delphi’s Movement Away from Internal Combustion

One of the Automotive industry’s largest suppliers, Delphi Automotive, plans to spin off operations tied to internal combustion engines and wants to start to focus on technology for electrically powered and self-driving vehicles. This is believed to boost its share price and helps highlight the challenges for old school auto industry players. Many of the […]

Less Parts, More Problems?

Before the popularization of interchangeable parts, automotive manufacturing involved more skill and [less!] precision. Standardizing screws and parts allowed unskilled workers to produce large numbers of cars quickly, and repair them easily. This made manufacturing more efficient, and thus, more profitable. However, with millions of parts coming in for production in several different models, […]

The Growing Indian Auto Market and Kia’s Plans.

With a rapidly increasing population of 1.2 billion people, India is closing in on the Chinese in terms of population and is becoming one of the largest car markets in the world. Their rapidly increasing population has automakers envisioning that in the near future India will be the cause of another massive surge in […]

China Moves to be a Production Leader


China has announced that it plans to become a global leader in automobile production within the next ten years. Currently, the country is the worlds largest consumer of vehicles and has the largest market for them, likely due to the its high rates of growths and enormous population. Despite this, China is still […]

Auto Markets Throughout the World.

The largest auto market in the World is Asia with 47,878,892 vehicles produced in 2015. This total increased by 7.8% in 2016 to 51,521,214 vehicles produced. Within Asia, the largest producer is china with 28,118,794 vehicles in 2016, followed by Japan with 9,204,590 vehicles. The next largest market in the World is Europe. 21,699,598 vehicles […]

Emissions Conversation Continues in Germany

In September of 2015, Volkswagen disclosed that they had been intentionally cheating on diesel emissions tests for at least six years by installing secret software in 580,000 U.S. vehicles. During this time, Volkswagen was putting cars on the road that emitted up to 40 times the legally allowed diesel pollution levels. Earlier this year, they […]

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Tesla: First the Cash, Then the Crash

Tesla recently (briefly) surpassed both Ford and General Motors in market capitalization. My own prognosis for Tesla’s longer-run prospects aside, once the Model 3 launches cash flow will improve markedly. Financial markets may interpret that as validation of the high price they’ve put on Tesla shares. That however is a predictable result of the […]