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Introduction (Ike)


  • Auto theft has been occurring since the inception of industry itself, due in part to the liberty and power assumed while behind the wheel
  • The increasing amount of car thefts lead to an industry change towards increasing technology and focus on improving the safety and anti-theft functions of automobile.  However, as with all objects worthy of being stolen, when the anti-theft procedures become more advanced so do the thieves themselves
  • Automobiles and their theft crosses multitudes of interdisciplinary studies when trying to understand and explain what motivates the purchase and theft of these incredible objects


  • “Thus, the history of automobile theft in twentieth-century America bridges science, psychology, economics, technology, and society.”(loc 107 of 4160)
  • “During the past decade, however, a ‘new’ automotive history has gradually emerged, one that explores users rather than producers and in so doing delves into various interstices that include automobile operation, repair, tinkering, and safety, and the connection between automobiles and the environment”  (loc 129 of 4160)
  • “As long as the automobile remains an object of desire and the rhetoric of freedom collides with hyper regulation, it is doubtful that the problem of auto theft will be totally solved, no matter what deterrent technologies are introduced” (llc 150 of 4160)

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