Assembly Video – Ford China

Here is a really nice video that follows a vehicle through the assembly process. During our trip we didn’t see welding robots, and because they’re not metal parts we didn’t see e-coat in the paint shop of Continental Structural Plastics in Carey, OH. We did see the stamping of body panels, not shown in […]

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Tesla: First the Cash, Then the Crash

Tesla recently (briefly) surpassed both Ford and General Motors in market capitalization. My own prognosis for Tesla’s longer-run prospects aside, once the Model 3 launches cash flow will improve markedly. Financial markets may interpret that as validation of the high price they’ve put on Tesla shares. That however is a predictable result of the […]

Annual redesign was a Faustian bargain

Here is the canonical Prisoners Dilemma setup. If GM and Ford don’t engage in annual model changes, neither has an advantage in the market place (at least for that reason!). For convenience, set the profit of each at 2 and hence total industry profits are 4. Now if Ford engages in annual model changes […]

Spring 2017

This course will be offered Spring 2017, with a trip to Detroit the 3rd week of the term. The cost is penciled in at $700. If the budget runs favorably I pick up more meals “on the road” so as to diminish your out-of-pocket costs.

As in the past, the course is built around on-campus […]

Course over! back to Autos & Economics

The course came to a safe conclusion with the final week including a visit to Metalsa, a heavy truck rail manufacturer in Roanoke, and meetings with W&L alumnus Bill Cosgrove ’67, a retired Ford SVP who sits on Metalsa’s board.

On a personal end, I was off to the airport immediate from the final class […]

Bill Cosgrove’s framework

Bill Cosgrove’s framework

Journal entry: Fox Recycling

I’ve been to many of the sites we’ve visited before. I’ve not previously met Mr. Hau of Ford, or Brandon Schoettle of UMTRI, and will try to add my reflections on their presentations. Likewise I really benefitted from chatting with Scotty Preysler of Mini, as I’ve spent mainly with dealers rather than with factory reps. […]

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Start reading about the industry (what […]

Spring 2016 Class

This course will be offered Spring 2016. We spend one week in Detroit (6 days including travel) during the 3rd week of classes (May 8-13, 2016).

This course is built around visiting speakers and the firms / people we visit in Detroit. It therefore varies a lot in content from year to year. Typically the […]