Uber and Google, a Budding Rivalry

Anthony Levandowski is at the center of a major lawsuit from the Google affiliate, Waymo, against Uber. Before his recent demotion, his autonomous vehicle technology startup known as Otto, was acquired by Uber for $680 million. However, Waymo claims that Levandowski downloaded thousands of confidential files before leaving the company. Uber will probably fire the […]

Airbags That Hurt More Than Help

Japanese automotive parts manufacturer Takata is currently involved in the largest automotive recall in history. The company has had defective airbags in vehicles since 2013, when several reported incidents following deployment received international attention. Executives released a statement on the issue, but they initially only thought six makes were involved in the recall. They later […]

Less Parts, More Problems?

Before the popularization of interchangeable parts, automotive manufacturing involved more skill and [less!] precision. Standardizing screws and parts allowed unskilled workers to produce large numbers of cars quickly, and repair them easily. This made manufacturing more efficient, and thus, more profitable. However, with millions of parts coming in for production in several different models, […]