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2013 Schedule


Class meets daily in Huntly 321 from 10:10 am – 11:05 am and 1:20 pm – 3:25 pm
when outside speakers are on campus class will include lunch and/or dinner
(we may then cancel a class session the following day to give us a chance to catch our breath)
local field trips may take all day, depending on location
class while “on the road” typically begins with an early morning departure; we may not return until after dinner
At this point almost all components of the schedule are drafts. Hard topics will be put in bold
Week I
Mon 22 Apr am Overview of Industry: Suppliers vs Assemblers vs Retail
Mon 22 Apr pm Discussion of Volti (I): early years, entry & exit, technological uncertainty
John McIlroy video on vehicle development
Tue 23 Apr am Discussion of Volti (II): Monopoly
Tue 23 Apr pm Discussion of Volti (II): Oligopoly
Wed 24 Apr am Discussion of Volti (III): Monopolistic Competition
Wed 24 Apr pm Presentations of academic papers: Entry & Exit, Economies of Scale, Durable Goods, Oligopoly
Thu 25 Apr am Models of Franchising: David Ruggles
Read Ford chapter of Dicke book on Franchising
Thu 25 Apr pm Visit to Valley Honda in Staunton with Mr. Ruggles
Thu 25 Apr evening Dinner with David Ruggles, guest speaker
Fri 26 Apr am Debrief on dealership visit with Mr Ruggles
Fri 26 Apr lunch With Mr. Ruggles
Week II
Upstream and Downstream:
Suppliers and Dealers/Service
adjusted for outside speakers
Mon 29 Apr am The Concept of Franchising
Mon 29 Apr pm Discussion: Ford’s Case
Tue 30 Apr am Dealerships as a Business
Tue 30 Apr pm Speaker and/or Dealership Visit?
Wed 1 May am Bill Cosgrove, retired VP for Strategy, Ford Motor Company
Wed 1 May pm Bill Cosgrove, including dinner
Thu 2 May all day Visit to automotive supplier Metalsa in Roanoke
Fri 3 May am Mr. Charles Tomm, President and CEO, Brumos Auto Group
Fri 3 May pm no class
Week III all items tentative Sun 5 May 7:00 am Leave for Detroit
Mon 6 May 10 am Federal Mogul Technical Center, Plymouth: Keri Westerbrooke and team
12 noon University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute: Bruce Belzowski and others
4 pm Ford World Headquarters: Ellen Hughes-Cromwick, Chief Economist and Dennis Tosh, Director, Global Trading & Automotive Risk Mgmt
Tue 7 May 10 am Brose: David Brink and team
2 pm Heidelberg Project, Tyree Guyton and Lisa Rodriguez
Wed 8 May 10 am Chicago Fed Detroit Branch: Paul Traub, economist
2 pm: Ford Design Center: J Mays, Chief Creative Officer
6:30 pm: dinner with Bill Vlasic, Detroit Bureau Chief, New York Times and author of one of our texts
Thu 9 May pm 9 am: Tower Automotive, Plymouth Plant: Philip Pfefferle, CFO Americas and others
12 noon: Detroit Institute of Arts
2 pm: Ford Rouge Tour
4 pm: Henry Ford Museum
6:30 pm: dinner with Dave Versical, Automotive News
Fri 10 May am Leave for Lexington 8:30 am
Lunch with Toshi Amino, Honda VP of Mfg (retired) and Scott Whitlock, Honda Marysville plant manager (retired)
Week IV
Debriefing from Detroit
Blog Presentations


Mon 13 May am Debrief from Detroit
Tue 14 May no class
Wed 15 May am discussion of auto stories in Tom Wolfe’s Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamlined Baby
Thu 16 May am Discussion, blog presentations
Thu 16 May pm work on poster session
Fri 17 May 12 noon – 2 pm Poster Session in Leyburn