True Car Creating Tension with Dealers

True Car has been at odds with many dealers for some time now. True car offers used car pricing information to customers by partnering with dealers who are willing to become “True Car Certified” in exchange for pricing information on their used car sales. They are in the market of offering customers reassurance that they […]

Tesla is Changing the Infotainment Systems Game, But is it All For Nothing

Vehicle infotainment systems have been advancing at a rapid pace driven by the development of new technologies. Once composed of AM radios and cigarette lighters, infotainment systems now include voice controls, navigation, parking assistance, and much more. The infotainment technologies market is dominated by a select few auto suppliers, but Tesla is disrupting the supply […]

Auto Markets Throughout the World.

The largest auto market in the World is Asia with 47,878,892 vehicles produced in 2015. This total increased by 7.8% in 2016 to 51,521,214 vehicles produced. Within Asia, the largest producer is china with 28,118,794 vehicles in 2016, followed by Japan with 9,204,590 vehicles. The next largest market in the World is Europe. 21,699,598 vehicles […]