Highway to Automation

In today’s biggest automotive news, BMW announced a partnership with Detroit-based automotive supplier Delphi for their venture into automated vehicles. This BMW partnership has lofty aims of a level 4 an 5 autonomous vehicle. This news follows the March announcement of a BMW-Intel partnership for the same purposes. Intel also acquired autonomous technology leader Mobileye […]

Consumer Confidence is High, but has the Automotive Market Peaked?

As Trump’s first 100 Days ended and monthly numbers were reported there was an apparent disconnect in the automotive industry. Consumer and industry confidence are at their highest points in years, however, automotive sales were trending downward for the fourth consecutive month. The ramifications of this downward trend are especially harmful to jobs in […]

Automotive Industry Brand Leaders

The automotive industry has long been associated with “the big three” but over the past half century that term has taken on new meaning. The original big three referred to the American automakers GM, Ford, and Fiat-Chrysler. These Detroit based companies dominate the US and Canadian markets and command the American SUV market. The big […]