Expected Reduction of Ford’s Global Work Force by 10%

According to recent reports by people high up in Ford’s management Ford might be seeing a large reduction in worldwide workforce due to Ford’s CEO Mark Field’s renewed efforts to raise profits and try and bring up the company’s stock price that has recently been dropping. According to the reports Ford might try and slash […]

Delphi’s Movement Away from Internal Combustion

One of the Automotive industry’s largest suppliers, Delphi Automotive, plans to spin off operations tied to internal combustion engines and wants to start to focus on technology for electrically powered and self-driving vehicles. This is believed to boost its share price and helps highlight the challenges for old school auto industry players. Many of the […]

The Growing Indian Auto Market and Kia’s Plans.

With a rapidly increasing population of 1.2 billion people, India is closing in on the Chinese in terms of population and is becoming one of the largest car markets in the world. Their rapidly increasing population has automakers envisioning that in the near future India will be the cause of another massive surge in […]