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2014 Schedule

This will have the schedule for Spring 2014. What follows is still tenative. Jump to Detroit Schedule

Week I
Mon April 21
Morning Intro to Class Definitions of “Automotive” Industry
Afternoon Volti Ch 1-2 The rise of the market for gasoline cars
Tues Apr 22 Morning Volti Ch 3-4 From Ford to the Detroit Three
Afternoon Monopoly & Oligopoly Formal Models
Weds Apr 23 Morning Volti Ch 5-7 puzzle: how could Ford and GM legally coordinate pricing?
answer: tacit collusion via price leadership
Afternoon Modeling Entry & Exit Cabral et al 2013 working paper “Competitors, Complementors, Parents and Places.”
Paper link (Richmond Fed) here, skip Section 4
Thurs Apr 24 Morning Puzzles: Source and Impact of New Entry Oil prices, CAFE and the VER
Afternoon Video: A Car is Born Shortening the Product Cycle
Fri Apr 25 10:30am-11:30am Cars and Popular Culture Guest Speaker: Tom Wolfe
Week II
Mon Apr 28 All Day Bill Vlasic book
Tues Apr 29 All Day Bill Vlasic Book
dinner with Mr Cosgrove?
Weds Apr 30 All day Mr. Cosgrove
dinner with Mr Cosgrove
Thurs May 1 leave 8:30 am Visit to Metalsa in Roanoke meeting likely includes a lunch
Afternoon Debrief with Mr. Cosgrove
Fri May 2 Morning preparations for Detroit
Week III
Sun May 4 8 am Leave for Detroit!
Mon May 5 10:30am-11:30am Ford World Headquarters Ellen Hughes-Cromwick, Chief Economist
Dennis Tosh, Direct Global Trading and Risk Management
1-4 pm Federal-Mogul Technical Center R&D Test Lab
dinner small groups In Ann Arbor
Tues May 6 10:00 am – Noon Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Detroit Branch
Dr. Paul Traub, Economic Forecasting and Martin Lavelle, Detroit Chapter 9 Bankruptcy
1:30-2:30 Ford World Headquarters Felicia Fields, Group VP Human Resources & Corporate Services
Mary Anderson, Director, HR Strategy and Organization Development
3 – ? explore Detroit tentative
7 pm? Detroit Tigers baseball game
Wed May 7 9:30 am Heidelberg Project near the Fed
lunch Detroit Institute of Arts – Diego Rivera mural flexible
1-3 pm University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute Dr. Bruce Belzowski, Automotive Analysis Group
Carrie Morton, Managing Director, Mobility Transformation Center
6:30 pm Dave Versical, Jim Treece, J Ferron
Automotive News
Vinsetta Garage, 27799 Woodward Ave, Berkley, MI 48072
Thurs May 8 9:30 am Ford Rouge Tour & The Henry Ford Museum not yet confirmed
Lunch flexible
1-3 pm BorgWarner Developing a New Transmission Product
3:15 – 4 pm Brose The Car as a Package for Electronics
7:00 pm – ? Detroit Alumni Reception & presentation
Bill Kohler, Clark Hill PLC
Clark Hill, 500 Woodward Ave #3500, Detroit
Fri May 8 8:30 am Leave Hotel Lebanese pastries / coffee for early risers?? – no takers…
Noon lunch Toshi Amino (retired EVP) & Scott Whitlock (retired Marysville Assembly Plant managers)
Honda Manufacturing of America
Der Dutchman Restaurant, Plain City, OH
Week IV
Mon May 11 Dinner? Prof John Heitmann
Tues May 12 Morning Prof John Heitmann
Tues May 12 Lunch Prof John Heitmann
Tues May 12 Afternoon Prof John Heitmann
Wed May 13 Morning? Afternoon? skype interviews: car retailing
Thur May 14 Morning (no afternoon?) Work on posterThank-you letters; debrief
Fri May 15 Spring Festival poster session in Leyburn

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