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JDPower Quality Ranking and Statistical significance

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…is JDPower more reliable than Republican pollsters?…
JDPower’s latest quality survey reports a gradual (but over time substantial) improvement in vehicles sold in the US, averaging 126 customer-reported defects per 100 vehicles, versus 216 for 2007. That recent vehicles are better than those of a decade ago matches casual observation of new and used cars. But JDPowers also reports numbers by brand, resulting in a ranking widely reported by the media and (when the rank is high) echoed in advertising. (See for example the Feb 13 story in Automotive News.

Velocity Overdrive, the Road to Reinvention

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A Book Review by David Ruggles and comments in italic by Mike Smitka Dale Pollak’s third book, “Velocity Overdrive,” is another winner and is must…

Industry Churn: Clout and Overcapacity

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New turmoil dominates today’s [July’s?] news. First, there is the not-quite-yet announced linkup between PSA and GM. Fiat-Chrysler claims to be looking for an alliance…