GM and the Upcoming Presidential Election

by David Ruggles Amid the political turmoil of election season the rescue of the domestic auto industry by the George W. Bush administration and the Obama Administration is certainly a political football. The President and the Democrats have to defend the fact that the “rescue” wasn’t done perfectly, although a debate rages over exactly what […]

Auto Bailout Redux: Warren Buffett

…it was Bush who bailed out GM — Obama forced it into bankruptcy… Steve Rattner’s blog points out a February 27th CNBS interview with Warren Buffet that affirms what David Ruggles and I have argued from the start on our Autos and Economics blog, and reiterated here: that the alternative to the government provision of […]

Auto Bailout Redux and Mitt Romney

See the post on my parallel blog, US and Economics on Mitt Romney’s puzzling statements on the government-led bankruptcy of GM and Chrysler. First, as I discuss there, Romney knows finance and so must know he’s wrong. Second, and not discussed there, from my end it’s not a bright strategy to take this stance in […]