Electric Cars in China

In April, those in attendance of the Beijing Auto Show met the announcement of the RMB 369,000 Denza electric car with great enthusiasm. The Denza, owned by Daimler, is about half the price of its competitor, Tesla. The problem is, Chinese consumers have expressed concern about whether or not they want to invest in […]

Remembering the Federal Reserve

I recall a statement by Mr. Paul Traub, Chief Economist at the Detroit branch of the Federal Reserve, from when we visited. For the sake of refraining from digressing into a politically discussing rather than a discussion of economics, Mr. Traub did not harp on the subject too much, but I found something he said […]

Tesla Selling Emissions Credits

I recently commented on Anton’s post about Tesla’s profitability, citing a conversation we had with one of the journalists from Automotive News. He had mentioned that Tesla was gaining lots of revenue from selling emissions credits to competing automakers. I decided to do more research on the subject.

Tesla sold $68 million […]

A Promising Year for SUVs in Europe

Demand is expected to increase significantly in the European market for SUVs, which grew substantially in 2012 and experienced a decrease in sales in 2013. The sale of premium SUVs specifically is poised to increase, as new models including the Mercedes-Benz GLA, Porsche Macan, Maserati Levante, Lamborghini Urus, as well as crossovers from Bentley and […]

DIA Liquidation

Chief Economist of the Federal Reserve of Chicago at the Detroit branch, Paul Traub, mentioned during our discussion about Detroit’s bankruptcy the prospect of the city liquidating the Detroit Institute of Art’s assets, which have been appraised at between $421.5 million to $805 million (Time). The proposal to ameliorate Detroit’s financial crisis by liquidating DIA […]

The Real Future of Autonomous Vehicles?

On our visit to UMTRI last week, many in our class were introduced for the first time to the reality of the autonomous car becoming commonplace in coming years. UMTRI has been playing around for a few years now with dedicated short-range communications to enable V2V communication. However, the UMTRI is the leader in autonomous […]

Volkswagen In The Americas

Already the dominant automaker in Europe and second in global sales to Toyota, Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn revealed intentions to revamp sales efforts in the US and Brazil. Among new decisions will be design and production of a new mid-sized SUV specifically targeted to the US market, as well as a potential Audi manufacturing plant […]

Stealing Cars Chapter 6 (Heard)

Chapter 6 of this interdisciplinary study examines car theft in recent years as portrayed in film, literature, and gaming, as well as new technology used to both prevent and enable theft.

Heitmann discusses the movie Gran Torino in which the transfer of car ownership from one individual to another is seen as a rite of […]

Ford Names New CEO, Mark Fields

Ford Motor Co. announced today that COO Mark Fields will replace CEO Alan Mulally come July 1. Mulally’s departure from Ford was expected within the year, but the July 1 transition date is an earlier date than expected. Mulally, who stepped in in 2006, led an incredible recovery at Ford over the last 8 years, […]

Toyota Set to Revamp U.S. Marketing Operations

Toyota has revealed plans to restructure U.S. marketing operations beginning Monday. Toyota has revealed little and denied the Wall Street Journal’s petition for a comment, but the changes should include relocating a number of employees from the Los Angeles area, where Toyota has run most U.S. operations since 1956. Many employees will be given the […]