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EPA Regulates Mitsubishi

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ordered Mitsubishi to issue more information regarding its adherence to environmental regulations in light of recent news that the Japanese automaker had intentionally defied regulations for the past 25 years. The California Air Regulations Board also demands that the manufacturer provideMitsubishi Motors admits falsifying fuel economy data more information because the company has facilities in the western state. Mitsubishi declared on Tuesday that it had fabricated false records for four minicar models in the “coasting test” since at least 1991. The company has yet to explain how it influenced employees to falsify the records, but the EPA and California Air Regulations Board demand accurate calculations despite the ambiguities in their reporting. In November 2014, Kia and Hyundai settled with the EPA for $350 million in a two-year investigation that found them guilty for environmental infractions. The EPA subsequently updated its practices for coasting procedures, leading to the Mitsubishi scandal. Mistubishi’s misconduct has gathered a lot of recent attention and attracted the suspicion of the EPA and other regulatory bodies. Investigation will continue to stir up attention from the Auto Industry in the coming months. Mitsubishi executives, including President Tetsuro Aikawa, announced that they intend to follow through with the investigation and comply with EPA orders.



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  1. MMC is in what I suspect will be fatal trouble. They already find it hard to sell out-of-compliance cars in Japan (over half of their minicar output was rebranded as Nissans). If the government bans sales, things will be even worse.

    Current media coverage in Japan notes that many local suppliers are no longer operating and will likely have to close their doors, particularly around the Mizushima plant in Okayama prefecture. I’ll try to blog on this myself.

    May 7, 2016

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