Chapter 7 Discussion Questions

  • How did federal regulations, specifically concerning air quality, shape the auto industry in the late 20th century? What are the limitations the current alternative fuel sources present?
  • How has the demand and requirement of safety features led to reduced driving skills? How has it continued to improve since the publication of this book?
  • How did the auto industry catalyze growth in economies around the world? How has the auto industry affected developed countries specifically, and what are some environmental constraints that we are facing and will continue to face in the future?

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  • Thanks!

    We discussed much of this, except for the latter. I can perhaps present a paper that is in the physical process of publication when we return from Detroit. (Of course I can also discuss the Japanese industry at great length.) Many countries have viewed autos as a “pillar industry” (China’s jargon) and fostered “national champions” with Volkswagen (the people’s car) as an exemplar they hoped to mimic. Most countries have an array of manufacturers, but the developing country context gives these a different flavor that what we seen in North America or Europe.

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