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auto industry picking up

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Smitka and Ruggles are keeping busy with auto industry functions. The posts of Ruggles reflect on occasion discussions at one or another specialized industry conference – publications in auto dealership finance and so on make a goodly part of their revenue from running events that bring vendors and industry participants together. [We really ought to do an entry or two on the publication/conference niche!] He also is active in a variety of consulting activities with (varying across time) financial institutions, dealerships, specialized leasing businesses and even OEMs.
Smitka will finish the Winter term on Friday, and then teach a 4-week seminar on the industry this Spring Term at W&L (see the Econ 244 web site), including taking a dozen students to Detroit for a week. He’ll also be in Detroit for the black-tie awards ceremony for the PACE supplier innovation competition, and to speak at an April 19th conference at UMTRI in Ann Arbor.
The upturn of the industry has slowed the ability of Ruggles to post frequently – good news in every way! At the other end, Smitka has been focused in teaching about the Chinese economy and a senior seminar on macroeconomics. With his work focus turning towards the industry, he’ll be able to post more frequently the next couple months.
So be patient, and please continue to follow our blog!
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    April 11, 2013

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