Tesla: Struggling with Model 3 Output?

On Wednesday, Tesla announced that it would sell $2 billion, yes billion, in equity to help finance its Model 3 production. Tesla has accepted about 375,000, $1,000 deposits for customers who want to buy the Model 3, however there is not yet a set date for the release of the Model 3. Tesla CEO Elon […]

Self-Driving Cars, Sooner Than We Think?

Recently Fiat-Chrysler (FCA) CEO, Sergio Marchionne, announced a partnership with the world’s most valuable company and Silicon Valley giant Alphabet Inc. FCA will provide Alphabet with 100 self-driving Pacifica minivans that Alphabet will outfit with sensors and cameras to test its self-driving software on. The two companies will also have a conjoint team of engineers […]

Dearborn’s Middle-Eastern Population

When we visited Dearborn, MI I was surprised at how many Middle-Eastern restaurants and Arabic signs there were. I learned that Dearborn has many nicknames that include “Little Yemen or Dearbonistan” and this prompted me to do this blog post on the history of the group in Dearborn. My first impression was that this migration […]

Toyota set to takeover Daihatsu and its small car business

Earlier in the year, Toyota’s executive Aiko Toyoda announced that Japanese automaker would takeover auto manufacturer Daihatsu for $3 billion. The companies have been tied together for many years beginning with an alliance that was formed in 1967, and by 1998 Toyota owned a 51% stake in Daihatsu. Toyota’s move is part of a strategy […]

GM invests $500 million in Lyft

At the beginning of the year, the U.S’s largest car manufacturer, General Motors, invested $500 million in the Silicon-Valley based ride-share company, Lyft. The investment represented half of Lyft’s latest round of fundraising which would ultimately lead to a $5.5 billion valuation of the company. This made headlines in many of the big news sources […]