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To all those outside Nissan, Nissan seems to be doing very well with fourth quarter profits jumping 46% to 1.11 billion. Global sales will most likely hit 5.3 million up .4 million from last year. U.S sales rose but not at the rate which Nissan forecasted. So in spite of this improvement Carlos Ghosn, Nissan’s CEO, is not a happy camper. Part of the frustration is that the other Japanese car manufacturers saw sales growth (Toyota 16%, HONDA 32%). He has issued a statement predicting a doubling of sales in the U.S by 2017. Part of the problem Nissan is facing is that it is the most exposed of the Japanese manufacturers to the Chinese market, which is why Ghosn was more disappointed in U.S. sales than Chinese sales.

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  1. Be caareful with growth comparisons: both Honda and Toyota were hard-hit by 3/11, the tsunami / earthquake, and then again by floods in Thailand. Nissan was much less affected so started from a higher base and saw a smaller increase in sales.

    May 14, 2013

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