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GM shares return to $33 IPO price on optimism for truck sales

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After two years GM share price has gone above the $33 IPO it had, in these two years at maxed out at around $38 and since then has declined until recently. This gains some confidence among the execs and the consumers. The Treasury has been slowly selling down its stake also helping the company. GM also plans to introduce 20 new vehicles this year alone. Including its profitable pickup trucks that have always been a hit among consumers. I am hopeful that they will continue to improve and will soon be forgotten as “Government Motors.”


  1. gradyb13

    It’s more than a little worrying to me that GM, based on this post, seems to be again focusing on pickups to make money. How long term can such a strategy possibly be? Given the cost of gas now and the unknown cost of gas in the future, this seems like poor planning on GM’s part.
    If GM is able however, as Ford has been to an extent, to produce fuel efficient trucks, perhaps in ten years this won’t look like such a bad decision.

    May 17, 2013
  2. GM has a lot of nice product out there, David Ruggles just test drove the new Impala, and the Sonic has a good hold on the compact car segment, and is made in Michigan. I’m worried however by what I read Akerson as saying, I don’t think hie understands the auto industry. Furthermore, from his end there should be no reason to hurry the sale of government holdings. What, he doesn’t want them to be able to veto what the Board might do, like enrich him??? The Board seems very weak to me, the faster they’re gone the better…

    May 19, 2013

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