The Aloha State Verse Takata

Recently this past Friday, the Aloha state, Hawaii, took yet another shot at the Takata airbag defect by calling the Japanese auto parts maker to court. Accusing Takata of covering up the deadly airbag defect, the state court demanded a $10,000 penalty for every affected car owner residing in Hawaii. Filed by Hawaii’s First Circuit […]

It’s the Drivers, Not the Cars: The Formula E Championship Series

While many blogs have featured topics revolving around self-driving cars, automobile companies, and the industry’s “capital”, Detroit, another interesting aspect of the auto industry is that of automobile racing. Whether it’s Nascar, Formula 1, or the newly created Formula E series, one question that is frequently been asked about automobile racing’s from its avid fans […]

Subaru’s Steering Problem

This past year Subaru’s second-best-selling vehicle, the Outback, sold nearly 140,000 vehicles, as it became one of the companies must trusted assets. However, Subaru took a drastic hit as more than 48,500 Outback and Legacy models have been recalled this past month due to steering problems. The difficulty behind these steering wheel are due to […]

The Texting Dilemma

For the past seven years, many states have initiated an array of tactics to persuade drivers to not text behind the wheel. However, with apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, distractions are becoming more prevalent, which has increased road fatalities to roughly 8 percent in 2015. The fatalities are partly due to the fact that […]

Google and Fiat Chrysler’s Collaboration of the Self-Driving Minivan

In recent years, competition between technology companies and automakers has emerged in the development of the self-driving car. Working independently of each other, this competition has introduced a wary relationship between both industries, but recently, a major breakthrough has taken place, as Google announced Tuesday that it would expand its automobile testing by installing its […]