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Car-sharing services were first found back in the 1990s. People are allowed to pick up any car in a fleet and return it afterwards. However, Car2go, a service launched in 2008 by the German company Daimler, provides something different than major car-sharing services such as ZipCar. Car2go provides a new way of car-sharing if customers only need to do a one-way trip. Car2go charges in minutes and up to $13.99 per hour and a car can be picked up 30 minutes in advance through a smartphone app.

I think car-sharing works the best for those who have no cars. It also works for reducing car ownership but it requires density to make it effective. However, the company has not yet deployed any vehicle service in major cities like New York and Boston. I think one of the reasons might be it does not work on extremely dense cities because the problem of parking. There are many limitations in the parking rules such as drivers can only park the car on-street or reserved parking spaces. This adds a lot of problems when parking in large cities like New York.



  1. Louis Ike
    Louis Ike

    I recently did a post about Zipcar, which you mention here. It is interesting to see the business strategy of Car2go, which offers a one-way trip car sharing service. I wonder what will happen with Car2go once Zipcar releases its new product line that also allows one way travel with guaranteed parking and reservation in advance.

    May 15, 2014
    • Jier Qiu
      Jier Qiu

      And there is the competition there. Unlike Zipcar, Car2Go is not offered in a lot of places (maybe 10 cities in North America). That is something they need to work on. Also, like I commented under your post, Car2Go only offers one not very good-looking type of car. They really need to work on that too.

      May 15, 2014

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