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More GM Recall Fallout

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Investor’s faith in GM is plummeting amid the recall scandal that just resulted in a $35 million fine and a new slew of oversight regulations for the OEM. Most notably, Warren Buffett’s holdings company, Berkshire Hathaway, is cutting out some of its stake in GM. Its stake in the auto manufacturer was cut by 25 percent to 30 million shares. Clearly, the company is concerned with the business practices of GM as of late. It is also a possibility that Berkshire Hathaway is trying to send a message to GM to shape up.

Other notable investors that are pulling out of GM include several hedge funds, such as Greenlight Capital Inc. run by David Einhorn, who cut off 17 million shares of the company, valued at around $697 million.

The movement of these financial giants out of the GM will undoubtedly influence coattail investors, who will most likely unload their shares of the company. This mass movement of trading out of GM could have disastrous effects, especially for an already financially strapped company. An influx of GM shares into the market could very well shoot the price of the stock down to unprecedented levels. One thing is for sure; expect to see major changes at the company’s executive structure as shareholders react to the value of their investments plummeting.

– Zac Durkin


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