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  1. Four intensive weeks – when we have a speaker on campus we likely meet morning, lunch, afternoon and dinner.
  2. Detroit trip: we will leave early Sunday 4 May and return very late Friday 9 May.
  3. Cost: The fee for this class is $700.

    That covers transportation (rental cars plus gas), lodging (5 nights double occupancy), and fees (museums, speakers). You will be responsible for your meals and incidentals while traveling, but freshmen and others with meal contracts should be able to receive a refund for days spent off-campus. If you qualify for financial aid, you may be able to get additional monies to help defray the fee for this course. Speak directly with them for details.

    Remember to think in opportunity cost terms. Books for this course are inexpensive – I rely on “trade” paperbacks that total under $100 [even at Bookstore prices]. That likely reduces the net (comparable) cost. Ditto if you get reimbursed by the D-hall. For the financial aid office I estimated meals at $33 per day ($10 lunch $15 dinner plus misc — the hotel will include breakfast) for 6 days or $200. That of course needs to be compared to what you would spend if you were on-campus, and on whether you know how to eat on a budget (water not soda).

  4. Course content: the course makes intensive use of outside speakers and adjusts content accordingly. The schedule for Spring 2013 (see the link) is representative, but details will differ this year.

This course is not compatible with a PE class or any other outside activity. Participants will be expected to attend all lunches, dinners and other activities – you will not have all evenings free while on campus. You will likely have no evenings free while traveling, though if the Detroit Tigers have a home game…