Bill Cosgrove’s framework

Bill Cosgrove’s framework

Hyundai Snags Bentley Designer

Hyudai has recently recruited Bentley designer, Sangyup Lee, to team up with a former colleague Luc Donckerwolke. Lee will work under Donckerwolke as the VP of design with “ambitious goals of building a world-class luxury brand.” These two had previously worked together designing vehicles for Bentley from 2012 through May of 2015 designing vehicles such […]

Google veterans head off on their own to work on self-driving trucks

Past employees from Apple, Tesla, Cruise Automation, Google, and several others have joined forced to create a new Silicon Valley based company – called Otto – to focus on commercial self-driving trucks. Two of the prominent founders include Lior Ron, prior top executive in Google Maps, and Anthony Levandowski, a member of Google’s self driving […]

Comparison of P/E Ratio for Major Automakers and Tesla

Tesla Motors, Inc. Analyst PE Estimates

The Price-to-Earnings Ratio or P/E ratio is a ratio for valuing a company that measures its current share price relative to its per-share earnings, and is a commonly used statistic for stock evaluation. Many of the major automakers, save for Toyota, are projected to have stable P/E ratios […]

Alphabet Unveils Program for Carpooling Via App Waze, Fraying Ties With Uber

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, is trying to expand into the ride-sharing market by pairing with the Waze app to let commuters carpool together. On Monday, Alphabet launched its pilot program to let thousands of individuals in the San Francisco area hitch rides to or from work. One interesting aspect of this launch is how this […]

Ford GT Sells Out – Selection Process Now Begins

Beginning on April 13th, Ford began a month long window for buyers to submit applications to purchase the all new limited edition Ford GT. In that time frame, 6,506 orders were received – far greater than the 500 GTs Ford will produce for the 2017 and 2018 model years. Dave Pericak, director of Global Ford […]

Driverless cars could bring surge in traffic congestion

Within the next 5-10 years, auto experts expect to see vehicles with some level of autonomy available for public purchase. However, fully or almost fully autonomous cars may not be on the roads and available for public purchase for another 10-20 years. Additionally, services such as Uber will most likely offer driverless services, thereby increasing […]

South Korea Accuses Nissan of Emissions Cheating on SUV Model

Earlier today, the government of South Korea announced that it would order Nissan “to recall hundreds of its diesel-powered … sports utility vehicles,” following an impending investigation into potentially rigged emissions tests. The Ministry of Environment released a statement stating that the “the Japanese auto maker had used a defeat device that allows the SUV […]

Dearborn’s Middle-Eastern Population

When we visited Dearborn, MI I was surprised at how many Middle-Eastern restaurants and Arabic signs there were. I learned that Dearborn has many nicknames that include “Little Yemen or Dearbonistan” and this prompted me to do this blog post on the history of the group in Dearborn. My first impression was that this migration […]

The Textalyzer

With road fatalities up 8% from the previous year, New York is taking a new approach to prevent distracted driving. A recent article in the New York Times discusses the idea of the Textalyzer and New York’s proposed legislation to increase enforcement of distracted driving. The Textalyzer is is the “digital equivalent of a Breathalyzer.” […]