VW: Car Company or “Mobility Provider?”

Just today, Volkswagen CEO Matthias Mueller announced that the brand was unrolling a new strategy for summer 2016. Hoping to reinvigorate its appeal to cost-conscious, environmentally-minded customers, the German auto maker has pledged to focus less on selling products en masse and more on designing vehicles that can most efficiently transport drivers/passengers from place to […]

Tesla Factory Efforts

In our class, we have spent a lot of time discussing the so-called revolutionary strategies and campaigns of Tesla. While it seems to me that Professor Smitka’s stance — that Tesla is a “fraud” — is valid given their current production model, the company seems to feel otherwise. Just today, Tesla Motors released a statement […]

A Faster Horse Review

Who builds the Mustang?

Team Mustang:

Dave Pericak, Chief Program Engineer for the 2015 Mustang Project Tom Barnes, Vehicle Engineering Manager for the 2015 Mustang Project

Executive Oversight/Approval:

Lee Iacocca, Vice President of Ford Motor Company [original Mustang]

How is the Mustang built?\

Design Selecting a model, building a prototype Pre-Production Preparation Can this car […]

Chapter 2 Discussion Questions

What is the short-term and long-term importance of Henry Ford in the timeline of the auto industry? What made his contributions to car-building and car-selling significant if not revolutionary? How was he different from the inventors and entrepreneurs who preceded him?

What was the threshold in price or quality that triggered the rise of automobile […]