Kia K900

The Kia K900 is the newest sedan being launched by Kia. The car has a 60,000 dollar price tag and is Kia’s most expensive and luxurious model to date. Executive vice president of sales and marketing for Kia Motors America, Michael Sprague describes the marketing strategy of the new luxury sedan, “We’ve positioned the vehicle […]

Things to Know About Mark Fields

As Mark Fields takes over as CEO of Ford, it’s important to examine his character and experience to see if he truly is the best person to take over the company. Ford is one of the most important companies in the world, it currently employs over 180,000 people and operates 65 plants worldwide. As the […]

Ford Fiesta ST, the Answer to Your Adult Problems?

The Ford Fiesta ST is being hailed by car as the perfect vehicle for all one’s adult needs.With all the adult problems today such as bills, mortgages, taking care of children, etc. it’s important to have an affordable, practical car that also reminds you of the joys of driving. The Ford Fiesta […]

When Driverless Cars Crash, Who’s to Blame?

In todays world, half of Americans say they’d be willing to try using a driverless car. The advantages to an autonomous vehicle are endless, everyone would rather sleep or watch a movie rather then driving on long road trips. Also, autonomous vehicles are a way for the elderly to get around from place to place […]

Great Wall Becomes Reality Check on Chinese Auto Brands

Chinese auto manufacturer, Great Wall Motor co., was loved by investors a year ago. However, the stock of the company that specializes in producing cheap SUV’s has taken huge hits since its rise to prominence last year. In 2013 the stock surged to record heights and the chairman of the company even made claims that […]

Chrysler Reports $690 Million Loss in First Quarter, However Shows Signs of Growth

Chrysler reported a $690 million loss in the first quarter of 2014. This loss was associated with payments Fiat had to make to acquire a 41.5% stake in Chrysler and compete the Fiat-Chrysler merger. The charges totaled $1.2 billion in order to extinguish debts as well as finance payments to a health care trust for […]

High Flying Subaru to Add Models, Capacity

Subaru recently unveiled their new business plan aimed at adding new models and more capacity in order to increase sales, specifically in North America. The new business strategy aims to increase global sales by 33% by 2020. Subaru is experiencing record setting sales, they have already reached the goals of their previous business plan two […]

The Development of the Auto Industry: Short and Long Term Solutions to Harmful Emissions

The auto industry is slowly shifting to develop more eco friendly cars, as CAFE regulations has increased to 54.5 mpg by 2020. Not only are there regulations on fuel emissions in the U.S., but the Chinese government has also begun to regulate the auto industry as well. The Chinese government is subsidizing the production of […]

Tesla Looks Like a Bubble, Will It Pop?

This evening at dinner our half of table had a long talk about Tesla. Everyone agreed Elon Musk’s innovative car brand definitely represents luxury, simplicity, as well as the application of cutting edge technology. However, do soaring stock prices lead us to believe Tesla is the next big bubble stock? And furthermore, is Tesla capable […]

Detroit’s Bankruptcy

As we learned today at the Federal Reserve, Detroit went bankrupt for a lot of reasons. Obvious reasons that Martin went into specific detail about included population loss, plummeting tax revenues, legacy costs, and race riots. However the overarching theme of his presentation was that poor leadership led to Detroit’s bankruptcy. According to the Detroit […]