Tesla: First the Cash, Then the Crash

Tesla’s stock valuation briefly exceeded (wow!)…

Spring 2017

This course will be offered Spring 2017, with a trip to Detroit the 3rd week of the term. The cost is penciled in at $700. If the budget runs favorably I pick up more meals “on the road” so as to diminish your out-of-pocket costs.

As in the past, the course is built around on-campus […]

Course over! back to Autos & Economics

The course came to a safe conclusion with the final week including a visit to Metalsa, a heavy truck rail manufacturer in Roanoke, and meetings with W&L alumnus Bill Cosgrove ’67, a retired Ford SVP who sits on Metalsa’s board.

On a personal end, I was off to the airport immediate from the final class […]

Bill Cosgrove’s framework

Bill Cosgrove’s framework

Journal entry: Fox Recycling

I’ve been to many of the sites we’ve visited before. I’ve not previously met Mr. Hau of Ford, or Brandon Schoettle of UMTRI, and will try to add my reflections on their presentations. Likewise I really benefitted from chatting with Scotty Preysler of Mini, as I’ve spent mainly with dealers rather than with factory reps. […]

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Start reading about the industry (what […]

Spring 2016 Class

This course will be offered Spring 2016. We spend one week in Detroit (6 days including travel) during the 3rd week of classes (May 8-13, 2016).

This course is built around visiting speakers and the firms / people we visit in Detroit. It therefore varies a lot in content from year to year. Typically the […]

PACE paper

Here is an early draft [pdf: Warrian-Smitka 2015 rev 1] of my analysis of the PACE competition, co-authored with Peter Warrian, with data through 2014. I updated the analysis with data on the 2015 finalists, including basic regression analysis, for a presentation to the James Madison University economics department [pdf: JMU ISA 2014 v4.0].


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This blog will be on vacation until I next teach Economics 244. I continue to periodically post on my joint blog with david ruggles, Autos and Economics at blogspot and as a guest blogger at The Truth About Cars.

Juan Cruz Mayol

After a long drive with 10 gb of Professor Smitka’s personal selection of music that I got to sleep through, we finally made it to Detroit. The change in the car brands seen on the streets was easily noticeable, suddenly our Hyundai Sonata became a minority in between the Fords, GMCs, Chevrolets, Lincolns, Chryslers, and […]