Detroit Late Night Spots

While visiting the motor city, a group of friends and I decided to make a late night run into the city to try to get a feel for the culture. My first thought when we got in the car at around midnight was “we need to find some food”. I think that the food in […]

Nissan loses, GM gains supplier favor

Nissan has recently been rated virtually dead last in terms of their relationship towards their suppliers. Tied with Fiat Chrysler; these rankings according to newly released annual surveys of auto suppliers. This drop in ranking was correlated with a change in senior management in the purchasing division of these companies. When I read this, I […]

Ruggles: Equity Building Through Dealerships and Tom Benson

When Mr. Ruggles spoke to us last week I remember one point he made stuck out to me. He explained to us that dealerships only make about 2% profit on their car sales. This to me seemed very low compared to what I assumed dealerships would bring in on sales. One major reason why I […]

2017 F-150 to feature new 10-speed transmission, engine

Ford is set to release the 10-speed transmission engine as early as this fall in its 2017 F-150’s. This new and improved engine will give the F-150 a similar amount of horsepower as with its current engine (roughly 365 horsepower), but with increased torque and fuel economy. This technological development illustrates the point we discussed […]

A Dance Between Dealer and Carmaker on Lifting Sales

Auto sales have been incredibly high in recent years, and because of this auto makers have been facing a lot of pressure to continue to grow their sales. Because of this pressure, some companies are artificially raising sales by counting new cars bought by their dealers as sold. This raises the question: is the […]