Detroit’s Donated Police Cars Have Safety Issues

Detroit’s business leaders donated $8 million to the police department and fire department in order to buy new vehicles. However, the police department encountered safety issues with these cars. The Plexiglass partition separating front and back seats is easily breached. This is potentially dangerous because prisoners usually sit in the back. The front passenger seat […]

Do We Really Need More Rolls Royce?

Rolls Royce is entering the SUV market! As other ultra-luxurious brands such as Bentley and Lamborghini are putting out SUVs, Rolls Royce has decided to release a luxury SUV in 2017. The concept of their first SUV is very different from the ones that Porsche and Bentley are offering. This SUV is going […]

Obama Administration Pushes Congress on Highway Funding

The United States Highway Trust Fund is a transportation fund set up by the government. The fund comes from the federal fuel tax income which covers both gasoline and diesel fuels. It is mainly used to fund road (re)construction and maintenance. It also supports some public transportation projects. Now the problem is that the funding […]

Is importing Honda Civic Type R a good idea?

Honda’s new Civic Type R, spotted by photographers in Germany while it was being tested, has a mean look unlike others: gold wheels, front air dam, and what I think is the coolest, the blistered front fender extensions. This brand new Civic Type R has Honda’s latest 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that produces 276hp […]

Tier 1 suppliers call GM the worst OEM to work with

According to a survey from Tier 1 automotive suppliers, of all of the automakers in US, General Motors is the worst to work for. However, take a look at the recent dramas GM has got itself into: the ignition switch recall and the scandal behind it. I have written a blogpost about this scandal in […]

High-flying Subaru to add models, capacity

Subaru is very well-known for its AWD SUVs in North America. However, the ambitious company is launching a new business plan that is going to increase its global sales 33% by the end of 2020. In order to achieve that, Subaru will add a plug-in hybrid and a new seven-seat SUV into its lineup. It […]

Fiat’s Five-Year Growth Plan

Sergio Marchionne, the chief executive Fiat Chrysler decided to oversee a strategic plan to boost its sales, innovates its products, and expands its presence in the global market, especially in Asia. Although Fiat owns many famous European brands such as Alfa-Romeo, Maserati, and Ferrari, the American side of the company, which is Chrysler mainly, […]

Used Cars in China

The sales volume of used cars in China is estimated to have a compound annual growth rate at 16.5% from 2014 to 2017. The transaction volume is projected of reaching 9.57 million in 2017 according to With the increase of car ownership and the slowdown of economy, Chinese used car market has been […]

Tesla Will Make No Profit in 2014?

Today Tesla announced in its quarterly report that it lost nearly $50 million in the first quarter of 2014. We talked about Tesla and its future during the dinner with Mr. Jim Treece. The reasons are fairly simple: the accumulating cost of construction of the gigafactory battery plants and supercharger stations.

Although the situation of […]

The Detroit of the East

The late 2011 flood in Thailand was catastrophic not only for the locals, but also for the Japanese carmakers, which unveiled a surprising fact that Thailand is actually one of the major car manufacturing countries in the world. In 2012, Thailand produced 2.45 million of vehicles in which 1 million were exported, making it […]