Proposed Biofuel Regulations for 2017

The EPA proposed raising the amount of ethanol in gasoline in 2017. The proposed regulations would raise the current regulations by 700 million gallons to 18.8 billion gallons of ethanol and biofuels blended into the gasoline supply. Although on the surface, this appears to be a great increase, it is lower than expected. The original […]

The Long-Haul Trucking Industry Goes Driverless

While many companies are focusing on creating autonomous cars for the average driver, Otto has taken a new approach. Otto, a company of former Google, Tesla, and Apple employees, has kept the project quiet until this week’s unveiling. Otto began with the idea to created safer roadways by enhancing the ability of truck drivers. While […]

The Textalyzer

With road fatalities up 8% from the previous year, New York is taking a new approach to prevent distracted driving. A recent article in the New York Times discusses the idea of the Textalyzer and New York’s proposed legislation to increase enforcement of distracted driving. The Textalyzer is is the “digital equivalent of a Breathalyzer.” […]

Automobile Value

As discussed in class, an automobile value depreciates as soon as it’s driven off the lot. A recent study using puts a number to that depreciation. Analyzing 15.7 million cars over the course of the year, the study finds the average car value loss is 17% of its value in the first year. […]

The Gender Gap in the Auto Industry

EY, a consulting firm, recently released a report analyzing the gender gap in the auto industry. The report comes to the conclusion that the auto industry may have a harder time than other industries at closing the gender gap due to its cyclical nature. When the auto industry is in its “good” years, programs to […]

Chapter 7 Discussion Questions

How did federal regulations, specifically concerning air quality, shape the auto industry in the late 20th century? What are the limitations the current alternative fuel sources present? How has the demand and requirement of safety features led to reduced driving skills? How has it continued to improve since the publication of this book? How […]