Driverless cars could bring surge in traffic congestion

Within the next 5-10 years, auto experts expect to see vehicles with some level of autonomy available for public purchase. However, fully or almost fully autonomous cars may not be on the roads and available for public purchase for another 10-20 years. Additionally, services such as Uber will most likely offer driverless services, thereby increasing […]

VW Presentation in ’06 Showed How to Foil Emissions Tests

Article by Jack Ewing, Summary by Murray Manley

Recently, during an on-going investigation to find out more details about VW’s emissions scandal, a powerpoint presentation was uncovered that described “in detail how an automaker could cheat on emissions tests in the United States.” Although VW has admitted that nearly 11 million cars are fitted with […]

Takata Airbag Defect Is Traced to Moisture and Temperature

As we discussed in class yesterday, the recall of Takata airbags has proven to have an immense effect on the auto industry by rendering several million cars unsellable and several million others unsafe. With nearly 64 million airbags recalled in the United States alone, the Takata airbag recall is the largest recall the US has […]

GOP approves DPS debt plan in all-night session

Michigan State Legislature Building: Wikimedia

In an overnight legislative session, the Michigan House Republicans finally approved a $500 million relief package for the Detroit Public School systems (DPS). Due to the obvious time constraints, they performed a 15-hour legislative session to put an end to teacher sick-outs and put children back in school. […]

Most Detroit schools closed again due to teacher ‘sickouts


An example of an un-repaired gym floor in the Detroit Public School System, which can be considered a safety hazard

After learning that the Detroit Public School System has only enough funds to pay teachers and education professionals through June 30, many teachers and administrators responded by striking in the form of […]