Google veterans head off on their own to work on self-driving trucks

Past employees from Apple, Tesla, Cruise Automation, Google, and several others have joined forced to create a new Silicon Valley based company – called Otto – to focus on commercial self-driving trucks. Two of the prominent founders include Lior Ron, prior top executive in Google Maps, and Anthony Levandowski, a member of Google’s self driving […]

David’s Uncle and Making BMW BMW Again

At dinner David’s uncle mentioned that perhaps BMW is becoming too mainstream; too different from the stylish trends of the past. It was mentioned that people appeal to 300 series BMW’s as they serve as “goal cars”, just a little more expensive than an every-day consumer car such as a Honda Civic and seen as […]

April posts records in auto sales

With gas prices predicted to stay low, U.S consumers are leaning towards their love for trucks and SUVs for new purchases. April 2016 saw just over 1.5 million autos purchased, beating out the old record set 11 years prior. This time, however, consumers are driving sales rather than the extreme incentives offered to set the […]

Tesla valued at $620k per car

Tesla’s market capitalization currently floats around $31 billion, equal to $620k for ever car delivered in 2015 and $63k for every car that is projected to be produced in 2020. General Motors, on the other hand, has a $48 billion market value that resembles $4,800 for every car sold in 2015. Tesla’s valuation is around […]

VW takes $18B hit as German manufacturers face recall

Last September U.S environmental agencies speculated that Volkswagen was falsifying emissions tests and U.S courts pursued allegations that brought the scandal to the forefront of worldwide news. Volkswagen was found guilty of installing software that hindered emissions controls when cars were not being tested and U.S federal courts mandated that VW recalled nearly 500,000 cars […]