Toyota Braces for Plunging Profits

Toyota Motor Corporation has experienced record profits for three straight years. However, Toyota’s president, Akio Toyoda, informed the media that the company must brace for a big profit plunge. This dim outlook for potential profits is predicted to hit all of the Japanese car companies, such as Mazda, Nissan, Honda, and Subaru. This is mainly […]

Federal Mogul Recap: Enabling Positive Changes

During our tour of Federal Mogul today, our tour guide told us a very interesting fact. He informed us that a large shipping company that constantly uses large vehicles saves $1 million dollars every month if they got a mere half of a mile more per gallon. So, as a parts supplier, Federal Mogul attempts […]

Dealer Wins Court Battle Over GM

New York’s highest court recently ruled that General Motors violated a state law in dealing with a Chevrolet franchise in Yonkers, NY. GM attempted to cancel the franchise due to “subpar sales”. GM uses a system called the Retail Sales Index (RSI) as a benchmark for the sales that their franchises should meet. However, many […]

Consumers’ Response to Autonomous Cars

There has been a big push for the creation and implementation of autonomous, driverless cars. However, this push faces a large roadblock: people do not want cars do be driven for them. Recent surveys by J.D. Power show that half to three quarters of responders do not want anything to do with autonomous cars. Kay […]

Two Top Tesla Manufacturing Executives Leave as Biggest Challenge Looms

Greg Reichow, Tesla Motors’ vice president of production, and Josh Ensign, the vice president of manufacturing, have announced that they are leaving Tesla. These departures are at a time when Tesla is preparing to launch its most important car: the mass-production Model 3. However, Tesla claims that these departures are not related to the recent […]

Chapter 4 Discussion Questions

During the Great Depression, the style and image of cars experienced a change most significantly with the introduction of “streamlining”. How did the prevailing sentiment of the time promote this change? Why were these changes incremental as opposed to radical?

The emergence of labor unions in all industries which employed low wage workers made a […]