Mexican Auto Exports Down 16% in April

Mexican vehicle exports have fallen by 16% over the course of April for a number reasons. One main fault behind the drop is that Americans are buying more light trucks which are not normally produced in Mexico. The Mexican Automotive Industry Association released a report today that says that car exports have fallen from 233,515 […]

Ford Develops Portable Wind-Tunnel Testing

Ford has recently created a mobile platform for wind-tunnel testing for new automobiles created by the company. The company has received a patent for the world’s first mobile aeroacoustic wind tunnel in order to use when company officials are traveling and need to test their cars for wind resistance. The structure of the “tunnels” are […]

Tesla Marketing Ploy “Bioweapon Defense Mode” Feature Attracts Attention

As part of a directive to promote the environmental friendliness of the new Tesla models, the automotive company has recently promoted a “Bioweapon Defense Mode” feature for new vehicles that supposedly protects the inside of vehicles from outer environmental conditions that match a hypothetical, concerted effort to poison those inside the vehicle. The company wants […]

Alabama’s Auto Industry

In 1993, Mercedes-Benz announced that it would open an automotive manufacturing plant in Alabama. Since then, several companies have opened similar plants in order to tap into Alabama’s vast industrial resources. Mercedes-Benz executives chose Alabama to establish its first automotive plant outside of Germany because Alabama has an extensive skilled workforce and a business-friendly environment. […]

EPA Regulates Mitsubishi

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ordered Mitsubishi to issue more information regarding its adherence to environmental regulations in light of recent news that the Japanese automaker had intentionally defied regulations for the past 25 years. The California Air Regulations Board also demands that the manufacturer provide more information because the company has facilities in the […]

Chapter 2 Questions

Why did General Motors pass Ford as the highest grossing auto company in the early nineteenth century?

What is currently the highest grossing auto company in the world?

How does culture shape the auto industry in the twenty first century?