UAW to Endorse Presidential Candidate, not Trump

United Auto Workers President Dennis Williams announced today that his union will endorse a Presidential candidate shortly. While declining to comment on who that candidate will be, Williams stated adamantly that the UAW will not endorse Donald Trump. While the UAW has a history of endorsing Democratic candidates, Donald Trump’s rhetoric regarding free trade and […]

Powertrains and Fuel Economy

Today’s tour of Federal Mogul in Plymouth Michigan exposed us to the specifications of automotive powertrains and the innovations that are currently helping to improve engine efficiency and overall fuel economy. Recently, President Obama announced stringent new emissions standards that will require automakers’ fleets to average 54.5 mpg by 2025. In order to meet this […]

GM China Sales up 7.5% in April

General Motors China sold 277,979 vehicles last month as sales rose 7.5 percent for the year. The strong April numbers, coming after a disappointing March, were driven in large part by strong SUV sales. GM China President Matt Tsien indicated that General Motors expects to launch additional SUVs designed for the Chinese market in the […]

Cadillac Announces Ambitious Growth Plan

Cadillac Division President Johan de Nysschen announced last week at the Beijing Auto Show that the luxury brand will aim for an 11 percent operating margin over the next decade. It is unusual for a division head to provide such details about operating margins, information typically kept close to the chest. De Nysschen declined to […]

Volti Ch. 3 Discussion Questions

Mass production, while not invented by Henry Ford, was improved using the assembly line associated with Fordism. How did this innovation help propel Ford Motor Company to the forefront of American automobile manufacturing? From its inception, General Motors relied on an entirely different method of doing business. How did General Motors’ acquisition of existing […]